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AFV-104 Account Planning: Creating an Annuity with Account Planning


A critical element to consultative selling is the ability to effectively manage and plan accounts. The ability to use information gathered during the sales cycle to create an account plan can solidify your customer relationship and uncover otherwise hidden opportunities. Proper account planning will enable you to identify specific actions, resources and milestones that will help earn you trusted advisor status and long-term customer annuity. The Account Planning curriculum includes knowledge, skills and tools that will provide the foundation necessary to plan effectively for increased business and for additional penetration into existing accounts.

Target Audience

  • Sales reps at all levels
  • Sales managers
  • Anyone involved with execution within the sales organization

Course Objectives

  • Target the right industry, market and client with profiling techniques.
  • Gather effective profile data.
  • Identify prospect financial motivators and how to leverage them in the solution process.
  • Identify the questions and categories to which you have answers, as well as the gaps and a plan to bridge them.
  • Differentiate between features and benefits and explain the importance of providing both to the prospect.
  • Ask the right questions that reveal a customer’s needs and practice effective listening.
  • Create compelling messaging to create demand within accounts.
  • Qualify opportunities based on perceived need.
  • Craft a strategy based on current needs.
  • Track internal and external collaboration by creating action items, delegating and following up.
  • Identify methods to measure and follow up.
  • Identify and align the resources to get you to your goals.
  • Work with an event based forecast rating system to ensure a qualified pipeline.

Curriculum Outline

    • Profile
      • Organizational profiling
      • Executive profiling
      • Gathering the profile data
    • Finance
    • Baseline
    • Features and Benefits
    • Messaging
    • Effective questioning to qualify
      • Needs Assessment
    • Solution Strategy
    • Objection handling
    • Action
      • Action items
      • Follow up
    • Resources
      • Internal resource allocation
      • External resource allocation
    • Measurement and Follow Up
    • Managing the Process
    • Forecasting