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AFV-112 CEO Sales Infrastructure: Leadership Workshop


The purpose of the CEO-Infrastructure curriculum is to lay the groundwork for a stronger, more effective organizational sales infrastructure. The course centers around providing focused leadership and direction; building and preparing for ongoing organizational development; establishing a consistent sales methodology this will be coupled with the supplemental practices necessary to make it work (i.e. clear sales cycles, etc.); defining roles and responsibilities clearly in order to more effectively manage the entire organization; implementing an event-based forecasting system, establishing consistent benchmarks and leveraging resources to effectively define and measure success; as well as executing periodic assessments and adjustments. The end result will be the creation of an agile company that can and will adjust to changing market conditions.

Target Audience

  • CXO
  • Owners
  • VPs/Directors
  • Any executives involved with corporate sales infrastructure

Course Objectives

  • Provide focused leadership and direction.
  • Provide ongoing organizational development.
  • Understand the effective tactics and which should be avoided.
  • Implement a framework that will help take the organization to the next level.
  • Manage the process.
  • Clearly define leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Create effective execution opportunities and increase organizational efficiencies.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the overall infrastructure.
  • Implement compensation and incentives that work.
  • Use data measurement to evolve and create a solid, successful sales infrastructure.
  • Increase sales activity with shorten sales cycles.
  • Implement realistic event-based forecasting.
  • Increase productivity and maximized resources.

Curriculum Outline


  • Organizational consistency
  • Business plan


  • Role profile
  • Compensation plans
  • Hiring VP of Sales


  • Standardized sales methodology
  • Sales management


  • Forecasting
  • Accountability
  • Compensation/incentives

Coordinating Enhancements: