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AFV-210 Collaborative Business Planning Toolkit* (CBPT)

*(Excel based or web enabled)


The cornerstone of the Collaborative Business Planning (AFV-110) process is the Collaborative Business Planning Toolkit (CBPT), which is the primary vehicle for planning joint business development activities and planning the use of manufacturer provided funds as well as tracking any partner investments.

Target Audience

Channel managers of all levels

Toolkit Objectives

  • Develop and create a shared-risk/shared-reward business model.
  • Identify the partner’s annual business objectives.
  • Execute joint business development and marketing based on quarterly business plans.
  • Effectively manage how marketing funds are being leveraged by partner organizations.
  • Track actual/expected cost, result and ROI of each plan.
  • Develop incremental sales funnels in targeted markets.
  • Forecast and target critical growth areas going forward.
  • Increased empowerment in the decision-making process.
  • Set clear metrics to evaluate the success and ROI of the quarterly plans.
  • Reduced escalations based on better decision-making ability at all levels.
  • Create new business opportunities.

Toolkit Elements

  • Account planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Relationship baseline
  • Objection handling
  • Executive map
  • Partner funding
  • Quarterly Collaborative Business Plans
  • Summary


Completion of the Collaborative Business Planning course (AFV-110)