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AFV-110 Collaborative Business Planning (CBP): Working To Jointly Develop And Execute Measurable Plans


The Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) course is designed for Channel managers and partners to understand how to jointly develop and execute simple, compelling and measurable plans with a focus on growing manufacturer/distributor and partner business.

Target Audience

Channel managers at all levels

Course Objectives

  • Provide a framework for channel organizations to work collaboratively with their partner organizations.
  • Form the foundation of effective consultative selling.
  • Create accountability and increased channel efficiencies that deliver a more powerful return on your channel investment.
  • Create new business opportunities.
  • Enhanced resource allocation efficiencies.
  • Use financial data to help forecast and target critical growth areas going forward.
  • Uncover information that determines what solutions could be leveraged and how to position the solution portfolio into a compelling proposition.
  • Present the solution portfolio based on the results of the validation process.
  • Understand how one piece of business with one customer can evolve into an enterprise solution.
  • Develop and create a shared-risk/shared-reward business model.
  • Set clear metrics to evaluate the success and ROI of the plans.

Curriculum Outline

Assess (Account Plan)

  • Profile the organizations and individual roles of the decision makers within those organizations
  • Analyze financial data on the business sector by using  individual experience and access to public company information to build a profile
  • Identify the potential benefits of adopting a solution and doing business with the organization


Ask key questions that help to uncover details about their environment and business challenges they face


  • Handle the objections that are raised
  • Identify and leverage any additional resources needed to close business


Components of a tactical plan

Getting deeper and wider within the existing customer base