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AFV-201 Consultative Sales Toolkit*

*(Excel based or web enabled)


Psychology of Consultative Selling (PCS) courses can be supported by AFV’s step-by-step interactive Consultative Sales Toolkit. AFV’s Consultative Sales Toolkit works in seamless conjunction with the AFV Consultative Sales Methodology in enabling sales consultants to effectively qualify, consult and close business with their customers. The toolkit includes specific areas dedicated to helping the sales rep execute on each component of the sales cycle as well as providing the sales rep with additional resource information, all designed to provide the sales rep a full bag of resources to drive sales success in the field. The toolkit can be customized with a specific solution portfolio if so desired.

Target Audience

  • Sales reps at all levels
  • Inside sales
  • Sales support personnel
  • Sales managers
  • All organizational personnel involved in sales

Toolkit Objectives

  • Execute on each component of the sales cycle.
  • Work through the sales cycle and execute more effectively on the workshop concepts.
  • Have long-term reinforce sales skills and methodology taught in class.
  • Ease the complexity of accessing crucial information during the sales cycle.
  • Provide recipients with a full bag of resources to drive sales success in the field.

Toolkit Elements

  • Decision makers
  • Financial motivation
  • Features and benefits
  • Demand generation
  • Effective questioning
  • Building an agenda
  • Solution strategy
  • Objection handling
  • Forecasting
  • Close knowledge gaps
  • Account planning
  • Glossaries
  • Resource quick links


Completion of any of the AFV consultative sales courses (AFV-101 – AFV-107)