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AFV-105 Demand Generation: Utilizing Psychology of Consultative Selling to Create Demand


Demand Generation curriculum can assist all sales reps and those involved in inside sales activities to be successful with the demand generation activity of cold calling. The Demand Generation course provides the strategies for increasing effectiveness in the cold calling process that will help sales professionals effectively communicate and uncover business opportunities.

Target Audience

  • Sales reps at all levels
  • Sales managers
  • All organizational personnel involved in sales

Course Objectives

  • Leverage today’s trends, challenges and the economic climate affecting the IT market-place to target demand generation activities.
  • Identify the right target businesses and decision makers within.
  • Recognize financial cues of targeted companies and the impact key solutions would have on them.
  • Apply compelling business benefits to solution features.
  • Create an effective elevator pitch and recognize when to use it.
  • Create compelling cold calling scripts and handle customer objections.
  • Close for the appointment or the appropriate next step.
  • Identify qualities of the gatekeeper and how to turn the gatekeeper into a champion.
  • Create voicemail scripts that build a story.

Curriculum Outline

  • Market trends, challenges and climate
  • Introduction to consultative sales methodology
    • Overview
  • Prepare to create demand
    • Profile your target
    • Financial cues
    • Leveraging features and benefits
  • Create messaging that will generate demand
  • Generate demand
    • Lead generation
    • Cold calling best practices
    • Cold calling scripts
    • Gatekeeper to champion
    • Voicemail, the other gatekeeper
    • Handling demand generation objections
  • Setting the goals to get you to your objectives