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AFV-106 Financial Targeting: Building A Financial Case For Your Offering


Helping the individual harness the power of financial information in a variety of business applications the Financial Targeting course is designed for the financial novice who needs a little savvy to open doors to financial decision-makers. Today’s business owners are judged on their ability to save their stakeholders money, create efficiencies and improve productivity. The decisions which lead to these outcomes are financial. In the case of a small business owner, the motivation can be as simple as “how much money do I stand to make this year to put in my own pocket?” By understanding some basic financial concepts, an astute consultant can properly position the right solution as a financial decision, as opposed to an IT purchase.

Target Audience

  • Sales reps at all levels
  • Sales managers
  • All organizational personnel involved in sales

Course Objectives

  • Understand how and why to use financial information to build a financial case.
  • Identify financial analysis objectives.
  • Recognize methods for getting private sector financial information.
  • Analyze a financial statement to better understand a business.
  • Use an income statement to enhance effectiveness in solution/consultative selling.
  • Leverage a balance sheet to enhance effectiveness in solution/consultative selling.
  • Identify key indicators and conversational cues from interpreting statement of cash flows.
  • Determine the financial health of a target company by interpreting financial ratios.
  • Summarize how executives manage financial performance and how to connect your solution to those metrics.
  • Identify how to target suspects based on financial data and financial performance.
  • Use financial data to help create powerful, effective questions.
  • Use financial data to make a case for your solution.

Curriculum Outline

  • Building a financial case for your offering
  • Information gathering
    • Private sector financial information
  • Financial statements
  • Income statements
    • Top line
    • Mid line
    • Bottom line
    • Conversational cues
  • Balance sheets
    • What to look for
    • Conversational cues
  • Statement of cash flows
    • Key indicators
    • Conversational cues
  • Interrelation of ratios
  • Decision making using ratios
  • Financial targeting
  • Effective questioning
  • Connecting your offering financially