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AFV-107 Forecasting: Event Based Forecasting for Success


The Forecasting curriculum explores a consistent, event-based forecasting process designed to help sales reps understand what needs to happen in order to move opportunities through the sales cycle and enhance the ability to follow through.

Forecasting opportunities is subjective, but the more information sales reps have and the better qualified the opportunities are, the more likely they are to have a forecast that is closer to reality.

Target Audience

  • Sales reps at all levels
  • Sales managers
  • All organizational personnel involved in sales

Course Objectives

  • Create a qualified pipeline with an event-based forecasting process.
  • Profile a target company and determine if it is worth the forecasting effort.
  • Uncover suspect’s business and operational needs.
  • Understand how to shorten the sales cycle by focusing on a properly qualified prospects.
  • Establish timeframes for pre-and post-sale activities.
  • Develop solution proposals that meet the prospect’s needs.
  • Identify, address and overcome selling obstacles that can stall the sales cycle
  • Recognize the minor and major closes to get an agreement from decision makers on vendor, solution, price and timing.
  • Identify the appropriate clients that would benefit from an account plan.
  • Get deeper and wider into accounts and create long-term annuities.

Curriculum Outline


  • Identifying a target company
  • Is it worth investing your time?
  • Are there any potential opportunities?


Uncovering suspect’s business and operational needs


What are the questions that lead to your solutions?


Timeframes for pre- and post-sale activities


Presenting a proposal for goods and services that meets the prospect’s needs


Identify and overcome any and all selling obstacles/ evaluations agreed upon


Agreement from decision maker on vendor, solution, price and timing

Account planning

Plan effectively for increased business and for additional penetration into existing accounts