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AFV-108 Global Business Planning (GBP): Working Your Plan


The Global Business Planning (GBP) course provides definitions for key areas of revenue generation and skills to manage it. Plans need to be easy to use and manageable. GBP promotes collaboration with all sales resources and serves as a perfect pre-cursor to account planning. By implementing an oft-missing component to the sales process—that of global business planning—this curriculum will show you how a well-designed plan can make the difference between a great plan and a great plan with great results.

Target Audience

  • Sales reps at all levels
  • Sales managers
  • All organizational personnel involved in sales

Course Objectives

  • Discuss factors that influence IT decisions in today’s economy.
  • Exam a compilation of historical data and analysis
  • Identify growth within your existing account base.
  • Initiate activities that stimulate sales motion.
  • Create demand that helps realize and leverage your plan.
  • Leverage relationships to assist in the attainment of your goal.
  • Use your existing contact network to obtain referrals.
  • Identify marketing activities that can stimulate sales motion.
  • Use account planning to create and manage your sales motion.
  • Plan effectively for increased business and for additional penetration into existing accounts.

Curriculum Outline

  • Trends
    • Factors that influence IT decisions
  • Historical sales data analysis
  • Existing account growth
    • Identifying growth
  • New account development
    • Identifying opportunities
  • Create demand
  • Manufacturer collaboration
  • Referral networking
  • Marketing activities
    • Stimulate sales motion
  • Account planning