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AFV-111 Life Cycle of a Sales Rep (LSR): Maximize Revenue from Your Sales Rep Investments


The Lifecycle of a Sales Rep (LSR) course is designed to help provide the foundation in management necessary to assess, measure and manage the effectiveness of an on-boarding process. The LSR curriculum takes the hiring process from recruiting to training and retaining top talent. LSR takes a sales rep from cradle to the next level or cradle to grave, accelerating both the on-boarding and success of the right fit as well as the departure of those who are a drag on the organization’s effectiveness. The course provides the participant with template-based tools that facilitate the implementation of the knowledge, skills and competencies presented in the curriculum.

Target Audience

  • Sales managers
  • CEOs/owners
  • VPs/Directors
  • Anyone involved with implementing a sales management infrastructure
  • Anyone challenged by locating, training and retaining the right talent

Course Objectives

  • Identify features of an effective compensation plan for the sales team.
  • Explain features of a solid sales infrastructure.
  • Develop clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the sales team.
  • Recruit, interview and hire effective sales talent.
  • Build an effective, consistent on-boarding process for sales reps.
  • Identify how to assess sales activities.
  • Establish benchmarks to drive growth by setting sales goals.
  • Analyze metrics to ascertain the effectiveness of sales reps.
  • Manage a sales plan.

Curriculum Outline

  • Compensation
  • Sales Infrastructure: The foundation for success
  • Life Cycle of a Sales Representative


Best practices of recruiting and interviewing with a focus on retaining talent


 On-boarding process


 Cultivating habits and skills that lead to success


Establishing benchmarks to drive growth


Analyzing the metrics to promote positive results

Manage the Plan – the next phase

  • Assessment
  • Termination/resignation
  • Exit strategy – 30 day plan
  •  Retention strategy – 60 day plan

Coordinating Enhancements: