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AFV-109 Messaging: Building The Right Message To Generate Demand


The Messaging course explores the importance of messaging and how to create effective messaging for the market. By leveraging an organization’s value proposition, participants will discover how to develop an elevator pitch used to state their differentiators and value clearly. The elevator pitch is the most important message you have because it serves as the introduction allowing you to begin the sales conversation. It sets the stage for why they would invest the time to look at you and your organization’s solution, which leads to the sale. The key to creating the an elevator pitch that creates demand is to build it with the right messaging foundation. 

Target Audience

  • Sales reps at all levels
  • Sales managers
  • CEOs/owners
  • Anyone involved with execution within the sales organization

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance of messaging.
  • How to define your differentiators and value.
  • Create compelling corporate messaging.
  • Build a value proposition.
  • Leveraging the value proposition in your own messaging.
  • Build an elevator pitch.
  • Use messaging in demand generation activities.

Curriculum Outline

Creating a Compelling Corporate Message

  • Fundamental elements of building messaging
  • The mission statement
  • Value proposition
  • How to clearly state differentiators and value

Building a Value Proposition

  • Define
  • Differentiate
  • Describe

Building an Elevator Pitch

  • Elements of an elevator pitch
  • How to leverage the elevator pitch to create demand

Using Messaging in Demand Generation Activities

  • Adapting messaging based on your target decision maker profile
  • How to use messaging to maximize interactions in the sales
  • Deliver messaging based on end-user financials
  • Messaging to position the business benefits of the features offered and create demand

Coordinating Enhancements: