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Interest vs. Intent: The Reason Partners Need to Know the Difference

  The difference between interest and intent may seem obvious. But when it comes to partner marketing, it’s a whole different story. Manufacturers and distributors build enablement programs to help partners grow their business. Partners inherently want to grow their business. Both have the same objective here, but no two partners have the same approach. What can be applied to one partner may not always work for another. This can …Read More

The Top 10 Ways to Enable Channel Partners

Partners are the lifeblood of the channel. As channel leaders, we are tasked with increasing revenues and driving strategic initiatives. Neither is possible without partner buy-in, participation, and ultimately, advocacy. Enabling partners to drive their own growth is the best way to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. But how do we enable partners? -RELATED CONTENT: Why your Channel Program is Burning Partners Out What do partners want, what do they …Read More

Puzzled by Channel Enablement? A Look at the Key Pieces to Put Together

Channel enablement is a daunting task. It requires many pieces to fit together, sometimes detracting from the bigger picture, thus resulting in an unfinished puzzle and ineffective channel. There are three key pieces to successful channel enablement: partner marketing, partner sales, and communication. With these three pieces working in tandem, a channel can function efficiently, improving partner performance and channel outcomes. -RELATED CONTENT: Why your Channel Program is Burning Partners …Read More

Why your Channel Program is Burning Partners Out

Channel partners account for a large portion of revenues. But in our effort to maximize channel sales, we often put a lot of pressure on partners to perform. What new programs are rolling out this year? How are we incentivizing partners to sell more? Which partners are on track to hit goals this quarter? But often, these programs or initiatives take little into consideration for what partners want or are …Read More

The Layers of Channel Support Explained

There’s no clear definition of channel support when it comes to partner marketing. But maybe that’s because channel support consists of multiple layers, each enabling partners in a different way. Partner marketing programs need to enable partners, but what type of support will make a program successful? This post will define each layer of support and the impact it has on partner marketing. A better understanding of how these layers …Read More

Why Partners Don’t Convert Leads

It should come as no surprise that partners are not great at converting leads. That’s why channel enablement programs exist in the first place. But in order to effectively support partners, we must first understand why it is difficult for them to convert leads: 1. They don’t provide value through marketing… Filling the top of the funnel is easy enough for partners. Where they struggle to convert is nurturing the …Read More