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Channel Transformation

Things like cloud computing and the Internet of Things have changed the way technology is consumed. Manufacturer and distributor business models have started to adapt, but what about partners? For them, transformation requires a fundamental change to infrastructure, sales skills, and demand generation efforts. Both manufacturers and distributors must be prepared to provide specialized channel support to manage this unprecedented disruption to their partners’ infrastructure.


As the world (and channel) continues to transform, so does how we have to work with partners. A Fluent Vision’s Channel Services effectively and expertly fill the gap between what manufacturer and distributors need, and what their partners are able to execute. Our services provide:

  • A clear view into partner pipeline
  • A clear source of future revenue growth
  • Partner mindshare / channel reinvigoration
  • Increased programmatic participation
  • Increased partnership renewals
  • Certification attainment
  • Shorter partner ramp to revenue
  • Predictable and manageable demand generation/marketing
  • Consistent channel support

AFV’s Channel Services leverage the human element to turn resellers into high performing partners. Our employee-training curriculum is the most comprehensive in the industry and ensures you are getting the best-educated business development consultants and channel specialists money can buy. Our proprietary consultative methodology and communication strategies help to facilitate the ‘ideal’ manufacturer–distributor–partner relationship.

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