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AFV will perform a comprehensive evaluation to assess your company’s strengths, weaknesses and your future avenues for growth. From this assessment process we determine the specific needs of your organization.
Once AFV has completed the assessment we will propose a solution that leverages your strengths, eliminates your weaknesses and establishes your path for future growth. Revenue growth, profitability and manageability will be the key ingredients in all of our recommendations.
AFV will assist your organization in creating and/or re-invigorating your sales infrastructure. We will ensure that the benefits of the process and methodology that we implement will live long after AFV is no longer engaged.
Now the sales strategy will be focused and all employees will be working towards a common goal—with the tools in place to maintain a full pipeline while shortening the sales cycle. A sales infrastructure drives revenue that will be consistent, measurable and manageable.

Assess, Recommend, Implement, and Manage: these are the four basic components of a successful AFV engagement and the cornerstone of our philosophy. At AFV we believe in working within your corporate culture to capitalize on your firm’s unique personality while maximizing company potential. We provide hands-on opportunities for you and your team to modify specifics of your sales infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiency.

Partial clients list

  • Avnet
  • Tech Data
  • HP
  • SAP

AFV has the ability to work with your organization throughout the entire process of Sales Infrastructure Development. To do this, we must be able to provide unparalleled expertise in taking your organization through the Assess, Recommend, Implement and Manage stages of a successful engagement. This requires that we be prepared to offer you an array of consulting services that explain, train and deliver a powerful message. To ensure that the message is not lost after our engagement is over; we have developed and will leave you with customized sales and sales management tools.

Infrastructure Elements

The following is a sample listing of AFV Consulting offerings:

  • Creating a Sales & Marketing Plan
  • In-depth Analysis and Re-structuring of the Pipeline
  • Developing and Managing Marketing Campaigns
  • Effective Hiring Techniques
  • Creating an Effective Compensation Plan
  • Assessing the Territories and How you Manage Them

  • Sales Management Training
  • Sales/Product Training for Sales Reps
  • Weekly Reinforcement Activities/Meetings
  • Mentoring Sessions for your Sales Managers
  • Mentoring Sessions for your Sales Reps
  • Senior Management Sessions — Understanding/Evaluating the Process

Understanding the benefits of third party consulting is not always easy. Will the consultant understand your corporate culture? Can they apply their methodology to your business? Will they even understand what you want to accomplish? These are just some of the questions that you need to have answered before you hire a consultant. The biggest question however, is “have they ever done it before?” At AFV, we are proud to say: Yes we have.

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To learn more about how A Fluent Vision can help your organization call us at 973-618-9554 x103 or email us at rsasaki@afluentvision.com .