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Distributors: Consulting Services

Distributor - partners, inside sales reps, outside sales reps, manufacturers cycleAFV collaborates with distributors to help build, focus and strengthen their sales organizations and those of their channel partners as is needed to meet the increasing demands of the market place. No longer just a volume game, distributors have to differentiate themselves and their sales efforts from their competition in order to gain mindshare of their channel partners. How a distributor goes about this process is critical.

AFV works with Distributors to:


  • Is there an articulated vision?
  • Are company goals clearly identified?
  • Does the sales infrastructure support the business goals of the organization?
  • Are the right resources and skills in place to meet these goals?


  • How gaps between the skills and resources that are needed and what currently exists can be closed
  • Strategies to support necessary changes in the sales process and practices


  • Training
  • Channel development programs
  • Event-based forecast methodology


  • Change process
  • Forecast
  • Sales management and/or staff

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