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Value Added Reseller: Consulting Services

Value Added Reseller

Barrier to success between VAR, manufacturer, and distributorMany VAR owners today do business the same way they did 10 years ago, and some of them have the revenue figures to prove it. Maybe you entered the business world due to a desire to build something, to make a difference, or to fulfill personal ambitions. For whatever reason, something happened along the way: Business stopped being enjoyable and became all work. Let AFV show you how to reinvigorate your sales infrastructure to drive increases in revenue. AFV can focus on key impact areas like process and methodology implementation that will drive your SG&A down and increase your gross margin. At the end of the day, it means more net income for you to enjoy, and to finish what you started.

AFV works with VARs to:


  • What does the sales infrastructure look like?
  • Is there a clearly articulated process and methodology in place for:
    • Onboarding new reps?
    • Consulting with end users?
    • Building partnerships with manufacturers and distributors?


  • What practices will bring immediate stability to the organization
  • Which elements are most critical to long-term success
  • How to measure effectiveness of change management


  • Training initiatives
  • Change management components
  • Sales infrastructure elements


  • Change in practice
  • Sales staff
  • New processes and objectives
  • Consistency

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