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Learn how to close big sales, talk to CEOs, and business skills

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How is your ROC (Return On Channel) doing?

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Take your channel to new heights

You can create all the tools in the world, but what's the use if your channel partners don't use them? Discover the one thing every channel manager misses when it comes to getting their partners on board.

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Channel Resource Center

Channel Resource Center

CRC demonstrates a superior ability to recruit, on-board and nurture channel partners towards long-term revenue growth and profitability.

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AFV believes in working within your corporate culture to capitalize on your firm's unique personality while maximizing company potential.

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Sales Institute

Sales Institute

AFV's programs empower your channel resources to get to the right people, at the right time—shortening the sales cycle.

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Manufacturer Solutions

Sales reps don’t usually fail, it’s the system that fails. Your sales reps are the lifeblood of the company. If there’s one thing you must do, it’s to provide them with the right process and tools so they’re set up for success.

See the Mobile Sales Toolkit in action and how it helps you get the most out of your sales force.

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VAR Solutions

As a VAR, the challenge is always going to be how do you sell more of your services to new and existing clients.

To help you, we’re providing a webinar series on how to get bigger retainers, essential sales skills, and marketing.

Webinar details coming soon.

Distributor Solutions

If your partners succeed, you succeed. You’ve probably already invested hundreds of thousands into sale materials, training, and tools for your partners.

Or you may be wondering why your partners aren’t bringing in more revenue. The reason is because there are holes in your partner strategy and a lack of true clarity.

See how we’ve helped other distributors just like you turn around their partner engagement.

Distributor services

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  • AFV has incorporated every aspect of adult learning practices and content necessary to really make this knowledge applicable. From the methodology, to the role plays, to the product sessions; and not to mention the follow up webcasts and virtual sales manager coaching sessions, the entire week was a huge value add. I can see where AFV and the Freshman Orientation will support the growth of many of business partners. I know Cross will recognize added revenue with shorter sales cycles due to attending this session. The staff at AFV was wonderful as well. Their attention to detail and comfort with everything from the room to the content within the course and the role plays was recognized. Again, thank you for a great week.

    Tina Pickeral, Cross Telecom

  • This class was the most influential sales class I have taken. I have all the tools to be successful. The cold calling aspect was the most helpful. Thanks for everything.

    Troy Bamann, Microtech Information Systems

  • Great workshop! I will definitely recommend it to my peers. Having no experience with virtualization prior to this workshop, I truly feel that I am more prepared than I would have been learning on my own. I am extremely excited by the opportunity I have been presented.

    Brett Longo, Trilogy Solutions

  • I found the workshop to be a great step in my virtualization development. The class created a great foundation which will separate myself (my firm) from the VAR’s that do not take the time to invest in this space.

    Greg Paetow, Melillo Consulting, Inc

  • Fantastic training! The speakers were excellent... very knowledgeable and it paired very well. I’m looking forward to getting underway with this information and incorporating it into my own sales practice.

    Kevin Sautbine, American Digital

  • This is the best sales training I have ever received!!! I have been in sales for 10 years thus far. Thank You!

    Emily Gutfreund, Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions

  • The training was above all others I have been to. My attention was always captured. The information presented was new, unlike other training sessions that all teach the same. This was awesome. I will be back for advanced training. Thank you all.

    Justin Domachowski, AEC Group: Telephony Practice

  • The trainers were exceptional. Maybe you can teach an old dog some new tricks.

    Peter Zaglin, Optima Communications Systems

  • The class gave me the confidence to move forward and excel. Thank you for your patience.

    Philip Alvarez, Optima Communications Systems

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