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Marketing Concierge

Aligning Sales & Marketing

Aligning Sales & Marketing

Over the past 5 years, our first-to-market Channel Marketing Concierge (CMC) services have helped partners to execute thousands of demand generation campaigns resulting in thousands of net new leads. It also gave manufacturers and distributors more visibility into partner pipeline.

Partners want more sales leads. Manufacturers need more sales pipelines.

The challenge here is that 90% of channel partners lack marketing resources and/or expertise to execute their own marketing activities.

This seems like a no win situation – but there is an answer. Our marketing specialists can guide your partners through a comprehensive planning, creation, execution and evolution process to ensure proactive demand generation activities are regularly happening throughout your channel – throughout the year. This means the creation of a predictable and manageable partner pipeline.

  • Programs and campaigns are better subscribed
  • Marketing development funds are leveraged more effectively
  • Manufacturer resources are efficiently used
  • Focus of lead generation moves to partners
  • Reduce manufacturer pressure to provide partner leads
  • More visibility into partner pipeline

In addition, our dynamic reporting capabilities allow you to evaluate programs and determine ROI so that you do not waste or misdirect resources, tools and funding.

Learn more—schedule a call to determine if you can increase partner mindshare, activity and revenue through a partnership with A Fluent Vision’s CMC; contact Randy Sasaki – General Manager of AFV’s Channel Resource Center. To learn more about how AFV’s CRC can help your organization realize better revenue call us at (973) 618-9554 x105 or email rsasaki@afluentvision.com.