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Sales Enablement Menu

The following is a menu of A Fluent Vision Sales Institute L.L.C. curriculum modules and enhancement features to support instruction of modules. This menu serves as a guide of AFV sales enablement programs available to sales organizations.

All curriculums and coordinating enhancements can be tailored to best fit the specific needs of an organization and can be customized to be vertical market-specific andor technology market-specific: i.e. Energy, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Legal, Retail, Cloud, Security, Storage, Network, Mobility, Virtualization etc…


Curriculum Modules & Enhancements

AFV-101Psychology of Consultative Selling (PCS)
AFV-102Freshman Orientation Program (FOP) - PCS
AFV-103Exposing Solution Engineers to the Consultative Sales Cycle - PCS
AFV-104Account Planning: Creating An Annuity With Account Planning
AFV-105Demand Generation: Utilizing Psychology of Consultative Selling to Create Demand
AFV-106Financial Targeting: Building a Financial Case for Your Offering
AFV-107Forecasting: Event Based Forecasting for Success
AFV-108Global Business Planning (GBP): Working Your Plan
AFV-109Messaging: Building the Right Message to Generate Demand
AFV-110Collaborative Business Planning (CBP):
Working to Jointly Develop and Execute Measurable Plans
AFV-111Life Cycle of a Sales Rep (LSR): Maximize Revenue from Your Sales Rep Investments
AFV-112CEO Sales Infrastructure: Leadership Workshop
AFV-201Consultative Sales Toolkit (Excel based or web enabled)
AFV-204Account Planning Toolkit (Excel based or web enabled)
AFV-208Global Business Planning Toolkit (Excel based or web enabled)
AFV-210Collaborative Business Planning Toolkit (Excel based or web enabled)
AFV-301Virtual Sales Manager™ (VSM) Program

Empowering your sales organization

A Fluent Vision’s Sales Institute assists sales organizations of all sizes respond to today’s universal business challenges to recruit, train, motivate and manage the next generation of sales professionals. A Fluent Vision Sales Institute (AFVSI) offers a broad range of processes, methodologies, and tools designed to help sales organizations get the most out of their sales motion.

AFVSI delivers programs that take a multifaceted approach seeking to provide best practices and then reinforce them with compelling resources. Coupled with a methodology-driven curriculum, AFVSI supplies powerful tools to assist in the retention and execution at the sales rep level as well as accountability at the management and ownership level.

AFVSI’s programs empower sales organizations to get to the right people, at the right time and to attain the proper information to shorten the sales cycle.

To learn more call us at 973-618-9554 or visit www.afluentvision.com